The North Dakota State Fair has an all-new haunted attraction that opens on Saturday.

The attraction, called the North Dakota Ghost Train, is designed to be a terrifying ride for children, and the story behind it is an interesting one.

North Dakota’s ghost train is a fictional railroad built in 1873 by railroad magnate David “Doc” D. McCallum.

McCalls ghost train has been around for over a century.

It’s a haunted attraction with a very dark history.

The North Dakotans ghost train first opened in 1959 as part of the North Dakota State Fair and then moved to a new location in 2019.

After the ride was moved to the new location, the Ghost Train started showing up at local schools.

In 2018, a school in North Dakota reported seeing the ghost train in the halls of the local public school.

In 2019, the ghost of a man was found dead on the train.

North Dakots public school reported the body to the authorities.

According to North Dakota law, the train is illegal to use unless it is for a school function or for a purpose approved by the North Dakota State Office of Emergency Management and the North Texas State Department of Public Safety.

However, according to The Associated Press, the North Idaho Falls Fire Department and a local business owner who owns the train told the AP that the train had recently been on display at a local bar and was recently cleaned out.

The fire department and owner of the bar told the newspaper that the Ghost Track has been on the fireground since January 2017.

“It’s a good old-fashioned ghost train,” Bob Schreiber, who runs Schreib’s Bar and Restaurant in North Idaho, told the Associated Press.

“The train is full of fun stuff that you’d see on a Halloween ride, but it’s not a train that I would want to get on.”

The AP also reported that the North Wyoming State Police were called to the fire department’s property after someone reported seeing a man’s body in the Ghost Tracks fire pit on Monday.

Schreibrers bar and restaurant has been open since 2017, and has not had any problems since the incident.

McCALLUM WINS $3 MILLION PRIZE The North Dade Fire Department announced on Thursday that it would be awarding a $3 million scholarship to the winner of the contest.

The scholarship will be awarded to a person or persons who have an interest in promoting education, the department said.

“This award is to be presented to a student, an educator or student of public safety and to the community in which they reside,” it said.

The contest is being sponsored by the University of North Dakota.

The prize will be split among two winners, the university said.

According the Associated News, the contest will be open to all registered North Dakota residents.

The winner will receive $2,500.

The AP said it had reached out to the North Diné Fire Department to verify the details of the award.

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