The attraction that draws people to the Dayton-area’s beaches is not just about women, but men, too.

According to a new study, most attractive black women are more likely to be attractive than attractive older men.

The study, published online Friday by the National Bureau of Economic Research, examined the attractiveness of 50 beaches, ranging from Miami to the Caribbean, from June 10 to June 24, 2019.

It found that of the 52 beaches studied, the most desirable black women were found to be on the West Coast beaches, where the majority of tourists are white.

But in other parts of the country, particularly in New England, the black women with the most appealing personalities are found on the coasts.

One of the beaches that drew the most attention was the popular Miami Beach, which is located on the Atlantic Coast, and where tourists often travel in pairs or with others.

The beaches with the highest attractiveness ratings were the ones where the average black female was the highest rated.

And those beaches were on Florida’s west coast, according to the study.

The most attractive beaches that attracted the most female visitors were the Florida Keys, where women made up the majority and on the island of Key West, where female visitors made up more than half the population.

But even on those beaches, women were not the only ones who were most attractive.

The least attractive beaches were found on Puerto Rico’s eastern and western coasts, where black men were more likely than their white counterparts to be rated as attractive.

Other popular beach attractions included those in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

And the beaches where the most and least attractive white and black women interacted were also found on those coasts.

The researchers analyzed the data from a random sample of 4,000 women who were surveyed in different parts of Florida.

They also took into account the preferences of the white and African American women who answered the survey.

The results were based on the respondents’ race, gender, age, educational attainment, income and sexual orientation.

They found that the most popular beaches were located in areas with higher proportions of white people, but were not necessarily the most welcoming to African Americans.

They were found in areas where the African American population was relatively high, such as Miami Beach and Key West.

The beach where women were the most or least attractive, in order, was a popular stretch of sand called the Miami Beach stretch, located on Biscayne Bay.

In addition to being a popular destination for tourists, the beach has also become a tourist attraction in recent years.

In 2010, the National Park Service launched a $50 million plan to restore and maintain the beach and other iconic Florida beaches.

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