An experienced ghost hunter has a tip on how to get your hands on a ghost in Arkansas.

The story is pretty simple.

I’m a retired detective and I’m trying to find a haunted mansion.

The ghost hunters, who specialize in finding haunted houses, tell me that they are unable to get their hands on one in the state.

I don’t have any real idea what a haunted home is, so I go through the process of searching for one in my area.

The problem is, there’s just no one.

I’ve done everything I can to figure out what the hell is going on, but I can’t find one.

So I’ve ended up going back to the local police department to try and get some more information.

The officers in the area are not terribly helpful.

The police department is not very helpful either.

So eventually, I get the police chief to come out and let me speak to him.

The chief, who I will call Jim, doesn’t know much about haunted houses.

He does know that there are two haunted houses in this area, and he wants to know what type of a haunted building they are.

Jim is a retired sheriff who works with the sheriff’s office in a rural area about 45 miles northeast of Little Rock.

I spoke with him by phone.

Jim says that he has a couple of friends that live in the same house and that he wants them to come back and tell him what they found.

The friends were all about the same age, Jim said, and they had been living there for a while.

The house is about a quarter mile away from the nearest interstate.

It’s about 30 feet by 30 feet.

The only way I can see the house is through a hole in the fence that is a few feet away from it.

I didn’t find a ghost.

I did find a body.

I found a body in the backyard of the house, in the garage.

There was a human face and a dead man.

I put my arm around that dead body and tried to pull the head out of it.

There wasn’t any blood.

I had to use my own hands to remove the head from the body.

It was really cold, and the only way that I could get the head was by cutting off a limb of the dead man, which was a long, thin limb, which I had no idea how to do.

And I did it with my own arms.

So that’s how I got the head of the body out.

The body was just wrapped in a piece of paper, and it had no bones.

I cut it open and found out that the head had a knife in it, which, by the way, was the first time I’d ever found a knife with a blade in it.

So, the detective tells me, you can’t get rid of a dead body that way.

And the detective says that I should have known better, because I didn the body had a broken leg, a broken arm, or any of the other injuries that the body might have had.

I said, well, the leg and the arm were in the house.

He says, Well, the body was in the home.

The detective says, No, the dead body wasn’t in the bedroom.

So my friend and I went back to get more information, and we ended up finding this house.

We went in, and I asked him about the house because we knew that this was the place that the ghost hunters had found the body in.

He said that it was the last house they had seen, and that the man who was buried there had died a long time ago.

I didn’t know what to make of that, and then I saw a sign that said “Beware of the Ghost.”

It said, “Don’t go in.

Beware of the ghost.”

And I looked at the sign and thought, You know, what did they have to say about the ghost that I’m not seeing?

They said that this ghost is trying to take over the place, and this is how you get rid, and all of a sudden, I’m in a haunted place.

That sign was a little disturbing.

I went into the house and I found two people.

I was really, really scared, because it was my first time, and you know, I hadn’t even heard of a ghost before.

Then, when I opened the door and walked inside, I saw two dead bodies on the floor.

I asked them who they were, and one of them said that they were the house’s owner.

I thought that was really odd, because the owner of this house had died several years before.

And then, when they opened the window, I went inside and saw this man who had no memory of being there.

I saw him standing outside.

He had no shoes on.

I told him that I’d been to the house before, and there was this old

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