The Texas A-State Boca Raton Bowl is a men�s football bowl.

The bowl was announced last year with the help of a group of former players and coaches from the Big 12 Conference, and in an effort to promote the league, the league offered a scholarship program.

The first two years have been great for the Big Ten.

The Boca and A-Sun were the only conference games that were televised.

The Big 12 has played the two bowl games annually since 2007.

The first game was played on Jan. 31, 2018, in Houston.

The Aggies and Sun defeated Oklahoma State 48-14.

The Boca-Amen won the game on the first play of the fourth quarter.

The Sun went on to go on to beat No. 8 Texas Tech on the last play of regulation.

The Sun and Aggies played again on Sept. 8 in Fort Worth.

The A-League was born.

The Big 12, which is led by Oklahoma, was the first league to feature two games played on the same weekend.

The teams have played in the bowls since 2015.

The last bowl game was the Sun-Athletes-A&amp=Moss, which was played in November 2019 in Austin.

The season ended on Sept 24, 2020, with a 34-20 win by the Sun over the A-States.

The 2017 Boca bowl saw the Sun, a perennial top-15 team in the state, beat No to 6-5 Western Kentucky. 

A-State won the bowl by beating No. 2 North Texas by 20-3. 

Boca-a-Mans won the Bowl of Champions by beating 4-1 Texas State by 19-16. 

Texas State beat the Sun in 2019 and the Aggies beat the A&m in 2020. 

Fresno State won the Boca Bowl in 2018 with the Aggie leading 21-3 and the Sun leading 18-7. 

Both games were played at the AT&amp. 

At the end of the 2019 season, the Sun announced it was withdrawing from the men�. 

That was followed

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