A year ago, the Great Lakes, once known as the Grand Canyon, were a tourist destination in Michigan.

But as the Great Recession hit, the region fell into a deep recession.

Many of its attractions and businesses were shuttered or closed, including a popular restaurant that was one of the most popular in the country.

Now, the lakes are a destination for visitors from across the country who want to see migratory birds in the wild.

This week, a group of birds are coming to the shores of Lake Michigan to celebrate their return.

But the birds’ arrival is far from the only tourist attraction to reopen after the Great Depression.

A group of wild migratory bird enthusiasts are gathering on Lake Michigan this week to celebrate the arrival of a new flock of migratory ducks.

They’re part of the American Wild Birds Association’s Migrating Bird Week.

For the past several months, the group has been hosting the first bird show in the Midwest since World War II, and the birds have been making appearances throughout the region.

The birds’ migration season has been extended this week, and with it, the opportunity for people to experience the wild bird lifestyle for the first time.

Here’s a look at what’s happening: How the birds were taken by private individuals The ducks have been taken by individual private owners and are on display at the Detroit Zoo.

This bird has been in the hobby for over a decade, and his owners had no idea they were going to be featured.

The Detroit Zoo said the duck is the first in his family to be released in the United States.

The family’s owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were surprised to learn about the duck’s release in April.

He said the ducks were given to them by a friend.

The owner said the owner has had to work a lot to get his ducks out in the open.

He has had them in his back yard for more than two years and the ducks haven’t bothered him, he said.

The ducks are being transported from the Detroit zoo to a home for the birds in South Dakota.

The group is hoping to get them to the sanctuary soon.

The bird is the only wild migrator in the U.S. that is released at the Wayne State University zoo in Michigan, according to the Wayne-based Wildlife Conservation Society.

It’s also the first captive-bred, nonbreeding species in the world.

The Wayne-headquartered Wildlife Conservation Council has been raising money for the Wayne zoo to purchase the ducks, which are part of a breeding program.

Wayne State has a large breeding population of wild ducks and other migratory species.

Wayne Zoo officials said they will be sending a team of conservation workers to the location to begin tracking the birds.

They hope to find the ducks in time for their scheduled arrival next week.

Wildlife experts say the group’s arrival is a welcome change from the wild birds that have been a fixture at the zoo for years.

The wild birds are a great source of entertainment for the visitors, and they’re also a very beautiful and interesting animal, said John Cottrell, president and CEO of the Wayne Safari Club.

For most of its existence, the animals have been part of zoo exhibit and have been released in captivity, Cottrel said.

But in the past few years, the Wayne Zoo has been working to increase the numbers of captive breeding animals, including wild migrators.

For instance, the zoo is increasing its breeding program for birds and is bringing in wild birds in their natural habitats for research.

For wild birds, the process is a lot different than for captive breeding birds, said Michael Stiles, the senior wildlife biologist at the American Zoo.

It takes time to bond with the animals, and there’s no breeding program that allows that bond to occur.

“There are some people that have taken the animals out of captivity,” Stiles said.

“And they’ve been wonderful.

They’ve been incredibly kind and loving.

It has been a lot of fun for them.”

Some of the birds are also being released to a sanctuary in the state of South Dakota, where they’ll be kept for the duration of the migratory season.

Stiles says the wild migrations in South Africa, where many of the species are being released, are still not up to standard.

“We’ve not seen any of them go into captivity yet,” he said, adding that the animals’ release will take place during the fall and winter.

He noted that some of the animals that have gone into the wild have also been released to sanctuaries.

The migratory events are being held in collaboration with the United Kingdom, which has had captive breeding facilities since the 1950s.

“They are very proud of the work that’s been done,” Stokes said.

While the Wayne Wildlife Conservancy has been promoting the captive breeding program, some animal advocates have been less than pleased with the effort.

“It’s really not about breeding birds,” said Mark L

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