We love Miami.

There are literally thousands of attractions here.

And yet, we’re all curious about what it’s like to be in a new city.

So we decided to put together our own list of weird, strange and unusual attractions in Miami.

We also wanted to show you how they’re all different.

So if you’re in the mood to try something new, head over to our Miami attraction list and check out the full list below.

Bizarre, Weird and Weird: Miami’s Attractions 1.

The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridges is a 3-story, 2,600-foot-long bridge that stretches across Miami.

The bridge connects to the Miami Water Tower, the world’s tallest building.

It is the highest in the United States and is known as the world-famous bridge.

The water is blue, the ocean blue and the sky blue.

The structure is located on the site of the old Miami-Dade County Airport, which closed in 2010 due to severe maintenance issues.


The Old Key West Pier The Old Key Western Pier is a beautiful attraction located on Miami’s southern tip.

The pier is located in the historic neighborhood of Old Key, which is known for its Old World architecture and history. 

It was once home to the Port of Miami and was home to many of the original dock workers who worked on the shipyard, the Miami Heat and the Miami Beach Convention Center.

It was also a popular venue for carnival and entertainment. 


The Miami Gardens The Miami Gardens is a massive theme park located at the Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida.

It includes an 8.3-acre (4,723-hectare) indoor and outdoor area, an underwater volcano, a world-class roller coaster, a boat ride, a miniature roller coaster and more.

It has a variety of rides and attractions for families and children, including a boat, a water slide, a helicopter, a slide and a roller coaster.

It’s also home to several attractions such as the Mardi Gras parade, the Little Mermaid parade and the Magic Kingdom park.


Miami Beach Miami Beach is a popular beach destination and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Its main attraction is the Coral Reef, an oceanographic park that features coral reefs, coral reef tanks, coral, fish, whales and dolphins. 

The Coral Reef is also known as The World’s Largest Aquarium. 


Beach Party A popular attraction at Miami’s popular Beach Party is a giant inflatable boat that is a replica of the Titanic’s hull. 


Big Ben Big Ben is an attraction located in downtown Miami and opened in 1912. 

Big Benjamin is one of Miami’s most popular attractions. 

 The attraction opened in May 2019. 


The World Series Miami is home to one of the biggest sports events in the world, the MLB World Series. 

A large stage in front of the Marlins Busch Stadium is where the World Series is held. 


The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line The Royal Caribbean Cruises ship is the world famous ship the HMS Victory. 


The St. Augustine Aquarium The St. Joseph Aquarium is an aquarium in the center of St. Johns. 


The Coral Sea The coral sea is a coral reef that is located off of Miami Beach. 


Miami Aquarium Miami Aquarium has a number of attractions in its Miami area, including the Coral Sea Aquarium, the Sea World Aquarium and the Aquarium at Dolphin Square. 


The National Museum of the American Indian National Museum of American Indian is the oldest continuously operating museum in the country. 


The Bicentennial Celebration The Bicentenary Celebration is the largest event in the South American nation. 


The Fort Lauderdale Zoo The Fort Lauderdale Zoos is a large zoo in Florida. 


The Bahamas Aquarium  Bahamas Aquarium features a dolphin exhibit, a whale exhibit, underwater viewing, a dolphin tank and more at the facility. 


The Disney Concert Hall Disney Concert Hall is a special venue for the entertainment of some of the world’ s most talented entertainers. 


The D-Day Memorial D-Day is commemorated every year in the U.S. with a special parade. 


The White House The White House is a memorial to the American troops who died in World War II. 19.

The Palm Beach National Golf Club The Palm Beach Golf Club is home of the PGA Tour and the United Nations. 


The U.K. Olympic Park The Olympic Park is home for many of London’s Olympic sports. 


The South Beach The South Beach is home and a destination for Miami Beach locals and visitors alike

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