The Magic Kingdom’s most popular attraction will be on the big screen on the same day the park opens.

The park’s new interactive show “A Very Special Episode of The Walt Disney Company Presents: The Magic of Disney” is set to debut Friday.

The show, which is being produced by The Walt Web Animation Company, will air at 6 p.m. and be available to watch on mobile devices.

Guests can check out the new show by clicking the link above.

The new show will include a short introduction to the park and a sneak peek of the attraction.

Guests will also get to meet the cast of characters who will be playing themselves in the show, including a character named “Lil’ Mojo,” who is an animal whisperer who is part of a team of animals who help Mojo save the world.

“We’re really excited about the show because we’re looking forward to the premiere,” said Walt Disney Imagineer Mike Nichols.

“I know it’s been a little while since we’ve done something like this, but we think it’s going to be really fun.”

The new Disney Animation show, called “A very Special Episode” will premiere Friday, June 1, 2018 at 6:30

The event will include appearances by characters from the park including characters from “The Jungle Book” as well as “Pixar’s Finding Dory.”

The episode will be available on Disney Movies Anywhere, Disney App, Apple TV, and Roku, as well on the Disney Hub.

In the “Avery Wint” episode, Mojo is in the midst of a secret mission that will put him in direct contact with “the little ones,” a group of tiny creatures who are the only creatures to survive in the wild.

The Little People are also the first creatures Mojo meets when he visits the “Tomb of the Unknown Jungle” attraction.

The “AVery Wint Episode” is also the theme for “Mojo’s World Tour,” a new attraction that opens this fall.

The tour includes a walk across the jungle and will include more than 100 attractions, rides, and interactive games.

The attraction will also include a new “Magic of Disney!” story about Mojo’s adventures.

“The new episode will have a little twist that is not in the Adventure of the Little People story,” said Nichols.

Guests should expect to see Mojo and his team of little friends in the “Adventure of the Jungle Book,” as well.

The Adventure of The Jungle Book story, which will debut this summer, will explore the history of the jungle from its earliest inhabitants to the current day.

The episode, titled “The Little People: Journey to the Beginning,” will be released this fall on Disney XD.

Guests are invited to join the adventure by visiting the “MoJo’s WorldTour” website and clicking on the link that reads, “You will be able to watch this special episode as Mojo travels across the Jungle, from the beginning of time to the present day, and discover the magic of Disney.”

“We’ve got some really exciting new things coming for the park this year, and we’re excited to bring the best of our storytelling to the mobile experience,” said Kristy Hoyer, executive vice president of Disney Imagineering.

“When we launched ‘MoJo’ and ‘Mojo Adventures’ in 2016, we set out to make the park the best experience for guests to experience the park, but also make it accessible to all ages.

We’re excited for all of you to experience what this special show brings to the magic that you’ve loved.”

The show will be broadcast live on Disney Channel, ABC, Disney Movies and Disney XD starting June 2, 2018.

For more information about the “Magic Kingdom” experience, visit the park’s official website.

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