RTE 1.6 million people in Ireland have signed a petition calling for a statue to be erected outside a church to mark the centenary of the birth of Jesus.

The petition, which was organised by the Irish National Secular Society, was created in response to an event in Co Kildare in which the statue of the “Bible King” was unveiled.

The group said it was “incredibly emotional” to hear about the “stark” loss of the church to fire in the summer of 2011.

“The people of Co Kirtland, Co Killy, Kildale, Kirtstown, Louth, Co Clare, Co Armagh, Kells and Kildorey have witnessed such devastation.

The people of Ireland are the people of God and this memorial will honour the memory of those who lost their lives in the flames of hell.”

It is also the people’s right to be there to hear the memorial and participate in its installation,” the group added.”

If the statue is erected it will be a monument to the people who died in those terrible fires.

“The petition was launched on Sunday by members of the society’s Irish section.”

We have gathered the signatures of 1.2 million people and have received the backing of over 100 people,” said the society, which is based in Louth.”

There is a clear need for a monument commemorating the martyrs who died for the truth of the Christian faith and the people whose souls have been lost to the fire of hell,” the society said.”

They are those who sacrificed their lives for the salvation of their country and their souls have now been stolen by the evil of secularism and the secularist state.

“The group, which has a strong presence in the area, said it wanted the statue to stand in front of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Kildaretown, near Kildareth, and in front to the church of St Joseph.”

St Patrick’s is a beacon of truth and the place of truth,” it added.RTE 1 million signatory signatories to petition for monument to commemorate victims of fire in Ireland source RTVE 1.7 million people have signed an online petition calling on the Irish Government to create a statue of a statue-wearing Christ in Co Kilkenny.

The statue was unveiled by the State Archaeological Commission at Kildan’s St Patrick Church on Friday.

The site, which dates back to the 14th century, was one of the first sites to be excavated for evidence of a pre-Christian settlement.”

At the moment there is a huge demand for a memorial to the victims of the fires,” the petition said.

It added: “We call upon the Irish State Archaeology Commission to design a monument which will honour those who died fighting for the faith of Christ in the Great Fire of the Three Armies and for the preservation of the heritage of the people in the town of Kildaran.”

The monument is expected to cost €200,000.

The State Archaeologist, who is overseeing the work at the site, said the work is expected next week.”

I am confident that the monument will be completed and it will reflect the heritage that we are trying to preserve,” he said.

The monument will also include a plaque that will read: “To the children of Ireland: May you live forever”.

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