2,500 people have signed an online petition calling for the cancellation of the mane in attraction salon ‘Ginger’, which is advertised as a men’s grooming facility.

It comes after the website posted a picture of a manne wearing a wig and a coat with the caption: ‘This is a very, very, good advert for men’s groomers.

I’ll go out of my way to make you feel at home.’

The petition says that the manne’s appearance ‘represents a dangerous and offensive stereotype’.

The petition also calls for the establishment of a boycott against the business.’

A mane is a natural hair colour and has no association with sexual orientation,’ it reads.

‘We must stop the marketing of this harmful product to the general public.’

It’s a shame that this ad, which has been widely mocked, is being used by men to try to market their grooming services.’

This advert perpetuates the idea that men are sexual predators and should not be allowed to groom.’

We demand that the owner of this grooming salon cancel this ad and the rest of the grooming establishments that are advertised as such.”

Ginger’ is advertised on the website as a grooming facility with ‘a relaxed atmosphere where men can relax and enjoy themselves’ and is advertised in the UK as ‘Gingers’ spa and men’s hair salon.

A number of men have been photographed in the photo with the man in the wig and coat, and the campaign has been dubbed ‘Gentle Man’.

One of the signatories, called TheRealGinger, said: ‘The advert has become so common that many men have become accustomed to dressing up in costumes and disguises.

‘In this case, this manne has been taken as a sign of masculinity, a symbol of masculinity.

‘What the advertisement is promoting is a false belief that a man’s masculinity is based on his appearance.

‘As a gay man, I have experienced the harmful stereotype of being the only one that men groom, and I feel it is offensive that men can use this as a way of life.”

It is a shame the advert is being shared and used by some men as a joke and as a means to try and groom other men,’ he said.

A spokesman for the salon said: “Ginger Spa is the largest men’s and women’s grooming business in the country.

“The men’s section of the salon is open to all customers regardless of sexual orientation.”‘”

Gentleman’ is a popular advert for ‘manly’ men in Ireland”

The men’s section of the salon is open to all customers regardless of sexual orientation.”‘

Gentleman’ is a popular advert for ‘manly’ men in Ireland

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